Your way to attract and hold customers

Jammy will help you inform customers on your guesthouse and new offers online


Intuitive interface will allow adding your guesthouse to Jammy’s service absolutely independently


Your customers will feel comfortable to have an overview on the information about your products and offers in usual form on their favorite device.


Clients can share information about your guesthouse and products with their friends in social networking websites directly from the application.


The list is constantly updated
We are Waiting for Your proposals

List of restaurants and shops

We plan using geo-location soon to display closest restaurants and shops as well as introducing filters for your search by type and title

Подробная информация о заведении

Detailed information about your awesome business

  • Address: If you specify geo position of the guesthouse, the map appears automatically. You may click on the map for route viewing
  • Images. If there are several images, slider allows auto-scroll overview
  • Contact phone numbers with automatic click-to-call
  • Web site opens in a browser, respectively
  • There is also a description of the guesthouses and links to social networking websites below

The opportunity to share information with friends

Application users can share information about Your awesome business with their friends on social networking websites

Электронное меню. Витрина

Electronic menu. Showcase.

The menu of the guesthouse. In case of shop -"showcase". We will soon add the manual sorting and promotions

Dishes and products overview in group

Products list in group. Photo, name and price. We will soon add the manual sorting, search by name, promotions and allocation of products.

Content sharing

Application users can share information about your dishes/products with their friends

Handy control panel

Jammy is a convenient tool that allows an operative managing of whole commercial network and product assortment, on-time receipt of online statistic information.

Everything's under control!

Control panel perfectly works on any device and adjust itself independently for the best overview of the information. The system is created by using newest web technologies: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and contains a set of seven types of desktop backgrounds.


Simple and intuitive interface

Control panel

Easy. Manageable. Safe.

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